MSR Title Sep15No significant change was observed in September 2015 in terms of overall number of militant attacks when compared with previous months. During September, 55 militant attacks were recorded against 53 in the month of August. The resultant deaths had witnessed a slight increase during September with figures of 125 deaths as compared to 110 in August. In these 55 militant attacks, 40 security forces personnel, 13 Razakars and 38 civilians lost their lives whereas 34 militants were also killed. Notable increase in militant activities was observed in KPK, while Baluchistan, FATA and Sindh witnessed reduction in violence during September. A significant militant activity was observed in KPK where militants managed to target a strategic location and this time it was PAF base in Badaber in Peshawar where 13 militants belonging to TTP targeted residential camp of PAF, who is engaged in airstrikes and targeting militants in military offensive launched in FATA. The attack caused deaths of 29 people including PAF and Army personnel while injuring the same number while all 13 attackers were killed.

In terms of type of attacks, a total number of 12 IEDs were recorded with six in FATA, five in KPK, and one in Punjab. A total of 19 militants’ physical assaults were also noted throughout the country with three in Baluchistan, three in FATA, two in Sindh, seven in KPK, three in Punjab and one in Gilgit Baltistan. 17 incidents of target killing were reported across the country, suggesting an increase in such type of incidents during the month. Seven incidents of target killing were noticed in Baluchistan, three in KPK, six in Punjab and three in Sindh. Two rocket attacks were noticed in KPK while two grenade attacks were recorded in the FATA.

Security forces operations against militants are maintaining the same pace. After attack on PAF camp, airstrikes were conducted on militants’ hideouts. In September, 90 security forces actions against militants were recorded across the country. In these 90 security forces actions, at least 154 suspected militants were killed while fourteen civilians and six security forces personnel lost their lives. Security forces continued to focus on intelligence based operations and as many as 415 suspects were arrested across the country. In Baluchistan more number of people laid down their arms before authorities, which could help further improvement in security situation in the province in near future.

Provincial and federal government issued code of conduct for collecting sacrificial hides restricting banned organizations to collect hides while seeking approval of the relevant authorizes was mandatory for all other organizations to collect hides. Some arrests were made across the country in connection with breaking code of conduct and collection of hides by the banned outfits. The measure has been adopted to curb the finances of the militants.

Graph MAs June 14-20After a storm due to outburst of former President Asif Zardari against military, PPP is trying to mend the fences as other political parties did not support the former considering an inappropriate time especially when military is engaged in operations in FATA. Federal government, considering the importance of Karachi in economic revival, is more inclined to see logical conclusion of ongoing Karachi operation and restoration of peace in the metropolitan. As compared to previous week, some notable reduction in violence by militants has been observed. Violence has been observed in Balochistan, albeit of lesser scale. Issue of targeted killing continue to haunt the whole country in general and Balochistan in particular. Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif paid visit to forward areas in Khyber Agency where military is conducting operation Khyber-II. Army hinted at earlier culmination of operation Khyber-II as majority of the areas of Khyber Agency have been cleared and only some pockets close to Pakistan-Afghanistan border are yet to be cleared.

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MA comparisonThe year 2014 was one of the deadliest years for militants fighting against the state. Statistics released by the Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC) which is statistical division of Pak Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) show that 63 percent of the total deaths in war on terror during 2014 belong to militants. According to the data 5374 people were killed including 3414 militants, 1233 civilians, 643 security forces personnel and 84 pro-government armed Razakars while 6611 people were injured including 3941 civilians, 893 security forces’ personnel, 512 militants and 64 pro-government armed Razakars.  The CMC recorded 2838 violent incidents including militant attacks and security forces’ response which include 1618  militant attacks and 1221 security forces actions. (more…)

drone 2014 chart











Drone Strikes in Pakistan in 2014
Casuality Min Casualties Max
Sr.No Date Agency Locality Target Group Killed Injured Killed2 Injured3 Name of dead source Source2
1 11-Jun-14 NWA Tabi Tore Khel V+H HqN 4 0 4 0 1. Senior commander Haji Gul (Afghan National).

2. Commander Yaseen Gardaizi (Afghan National)

3. Commander Abdullah Khan (Afghan National)

4. Commander Jamil (Afghan National)

5. Commander Saif El Jihad (None Pashtune Pakistani)

6. Commander Roohullah (None Pashtune Pakistani)

7. Hamza Gul (from Quetta Pakistan)

8. Hamza (origin unknown)

9. Bilal (origin unknown)

10. Mehmood (origin unknown). Daily Dawn and CMC’s Peshawar correspondent mentioned these additional names. Mufti Sufyan, Commander Abu Baker Commander Asadullah Asad Driver Noor Khan.

CMC Daily Dawn
2 18-Jun-14 NWA Darga Mandi H+V HqN 4 2 8 4 NK The News Daily Dawn
3 10-Jul-14 NWA Doga Manda Khel H+V AQ 6 2 7 3 1. Fayez Awda al Khalidi 2. Taj El Makki 3. Abu Abdur Rehman Al Kuwaiti 4. Umar Talib a.k.a. Adil Saleh Amad Al-Qumaisi (Most wanted for KSA) TBIJ AFP
4 16-Jul-14 NWA Saidgai Datta Khel H+V NK 15 24 4 7 Two Mosques were hit The News
5 19-Jul-14 NWA Doga Manda Khel H+V PT+IMU 11 0 15 0 NK The Guardian NY Times
6 06-Aug-14 NWA Datta Khel H HqN+IMU 5 2 7 3 NK The News The Dawn
7 24-Sep-14 NWA Lawar Mandi H+V Jundullah 8 0 10 0 1. Sufyan Mehsud 2. Farhad Mehsud and two unkonwn Americans Daily Mashriq The News
8 28-Sep-14 SWA Wana H+V Molvi Nazir 2 0 2 4 Commander Ainullah of Molvi Nazir Group was apparent target but his fate not know. Daily Mashriq said motorcycle was targeted. The news did not elaborate type of vehicle Daily Mashriq The News
9 05-Oct-14 NWA Kand Ghr Shawal H IMU 5 0 5 3 1. Commander Fazl-e-Haq 2. Commander Aurangzeb of IMU Daily Mashriq The News
10 06-Oct-14 NWA Kand Ghr Shawal H+V TTP 3 6 6 11 NK Daily Mashriq Daily Dawn
11 06-Oct-14 NWA Shawal Khas H IMU 6 2 7 5 NK Daily Mashriq Daily Dawn
12 07-Oct-14 NWA Madakhel Kunar Sar H NK 3 5 7 11 NK Daily Dawn
13 08-Oct-14 NWA Loman Dattakhel V NK 2 1 4 3 NK AP Daily Dawn
14 09-Oct-14 NWA Datta Khel H NK 3 0 4 0 NK AP
15 11-Oct-14 Khyber Chancharano Kandaw area, Tirah valley H AQIS 4 0 6 2 Sheikh Imran Ali Siddiqu a.k.a. Sheikh Wali Ullah TBIJ
16 11-Oct-14 NWA Margha Shawal V GB 2 0 4 0 Muhammad Mustafa Daily Dawn Daily Mashriq
17 30-Oct-14 SWA Nargas village, Birmal/Azam Warsak H HqN 4 7 1. Abdullah Haqqani senior HqN commander 2. Adil, a Yemeni 3. Abu Dawood from Sudan 4. Umar from KSA 5. Amadi, from KSA Pakistan Tribune AP
18 11-Nov-14 NWA Doa Toi Datta Khel H+V AQIS 4 1 7 3 1. Major Adil Abdul Quddus 2. Dr. Sarbuland 3. Uzair (13 Years) 4. Suleman (15 Years) both sons of Dr. Surbuland. Major Abdul Quddoose was his brother in Law. He was from Pindi Express Tribune Daily Mashriq
19 20-Nov-14 NWA Madakhel Datta Khel Tehsil H+V IMU 5 2 8 3 NK Daily Dawn Daily Mashriq
20 26-Nov-14 NWA Konday Ghar, Shawal H+V TTP 6 2 9 2 1. Asad Mansoor Mehsood of TTP Daily Mashriq Express Tribune
21 03-Dec-14 NWA Mada Khel NK NK Pakistan’s FO issued a statement to condemned a drone attack on 3rd Dec. It was not reported anywhere else MFA
22 07-Dec-14 NWA Kharr Tanggi, Datta Khel H AQIS 4 0 6 2 Umar Farooq, Senior leader of AQIS killed NY Times Daily Mashriq
23 21-Dec-14 NWA Alwara, Datta Khel H GB 4 3 7 3 Daily Dawn Daily Mashriq
24 26-Dec-14 NWA Kund Ghr, Shawal H PT 4 0 5 3 A center run by Qari Imran of Punjabi Taliban targeted Daily Mashriq Daily Dawn
25 26-Dec-14 NWA Mangraitee, Shawal H+V IMU 3 0 4 2 NK Daily Mashriq Daily Dawn

Security situation in the country is getting complicated with every passing day. During the week, 59 people were killed and 71 others injured in 53 militant activities out of which 21 were recorded alone in KP suggesting that good days in province are yet to come. On the other hand, situation in Balochistan has not shown any sign of improvement.

During the week, 125 people were killed in 32 security forces actions while 196 suspects were arrested in these operations. With increase in militants’ activities, although security forces actions (military action and intelligence-based operations) have also increased yet these efforts by the security forces did not prove sufficient to curtail militants’ offensive. More coordinated and planned intelligence based operations would be required to wrest efforts of revival of militancy. (more…)


During the week under review, number of incidents have gone substantially up as compared to previous week but resultant deaths and injuries were comparatively lower. In 33 militant activities of the week, 27 people were killed and 32 others were injured. More number of incidents with comparatively lessor impact suggest that militants are yet not able to plan and execute a major militant attack. (more…)


During the week, militant activities and resultant deaths marginally increased as compared to previous week but overall security situation remained under control. In 24 militant activities 24 people were killed and 14 others injured. Prominent of the militant activities was attack on a police station in a district of Gilgit-Baltistan and getting prisoners released. The incident suggests increasing focus of the militants to find new basis in otherwise uncharted lands. Targeting police across Pakistan has emerged as special tactics.
Security forces continued their operation in North Waziristan (more…)


According to monthly security report of the Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC), and independent think tank monitoring anti-state violence in Pakistan, militant activities were continuously on the rise further confirming the assertion that the summer had become hot with every passing day but the start of military operation Zarb-e-Azb in the mid of June has seriously curtailed forward movement of the militants. Although during the month almost similar number of overall incidents (security forces actions and militant activities) (more…)