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Decline in Militant Attacks after General Elections


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The data compiled by CMC reveals significant decline in militant attacks in the country in May as compared to the preceding four months. Militancy in FATA has significantly reduced after security forces operation in Tirah valley though situation remained unchanged in KPK and Sindh and marginally improved in Baluchistan. In FATA as whole, the militant attacks (MAs) have been reduced to even below the 50 percent of those reported in average every month since January 2013 to April 2013. The militant attacks in FATA further reduced after the general election and this trend was also observed in the entire country.

The reduction in militancy is far more visible in all parts of the country after holding of general elections on May 11, 2013.  Punjab witnessed no militant attack after the election. A single attack was reported in Sindh and that too  was related to the election process. In Baluchistan, only 3 militant attacks were carried out after the election as compared to 7 attacks prior to it. In KPK, only 20 militant attacks were reported after the election as compared to 32 before it. In FATA, 10 militant attacks were carried before the election and only 6 after it.

The current insurgencies and counter-militancy campaign claimed at least 298 lives leaving over 449 people injured in 103 different incidents. The militant attacks claimed more lives than security forces actions. At least 126 people, including 109 suspected militants, 9 civilians 8 security personnel, were killed in 33 different Security Forces’ actions while 70 militant attacks took lives of 172 people, including 99 civilians, 43 security forces personnel and 30 militants, besides leaving at least 423 people injured including 358 civilians and 65 security forces’ personnel. KPK and FATA were the worst-hit areas by violence in the month. More than one-half of the total violent incidents were reported in KPK while more than one-half of the total deaths in such incidents were reported in FATA.

The highest number of militant attacks and resultant deaths were reported in KPK which witnessed more than one-half of overall such incidents in the country. At least 68 people were killed and around 200 others wounded in 34 militant attacks in KPK and 16 militant attacks claimed lives of 52 people in FATA, Baluchistan and Sindh witnessed 10 militant attacks each, claiming lives of 31 and 19 people, respectively. IEDs remained the most frequently used and the most lethal weapon by the militants as it took lives of 95 people and left 276 others injured in some 36 incidents. At least 19 people were killed and 94 others injured in 5 suicide attacks. Out of them, 3 suicide attacks and 9 resultant deaths were reported in KPK, while Baluchistan and Sindh witnessed one suicide attack each. About 57% victims of militant attacks in the country were civilians.

The militants carried out 29 attacks on election offices, public meetings and convoys of candidates from different political parties taking lives of 57 people and leaving over 150 others injured in May. In Baluchistan, militants attacked at least 6 times during which they targeted candidates from JUI (F), JUI (N), NP, BNP, JI and PPP. In Sindh, the militants targeted 6 political parties in 7 different incidents. These parties included; MQM (2 times), ANP, MQM (H), NPP, PPP and PTI. In Punjab, the militants targeted candidates from PPP and PTI in two different incidents. In KPK, the militants attacked 3 polling stations and 4 parties in 9 different incidents, and these parties included; ANP, PPP, JUI (F) and JI. In FATA, they targeted a polling station and 4 candidates; including an independent and one each from ANP, JUI (F) and QWP.

The militant activities were reported in 13 districts of KPK, 7 districts of Baluchistan, 2 districts each of Sindh and Punjab and all 7 agencies of FATA. Three provincial capitals, i.e. Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar and Khyber agency remained the worst-hit-areas by violence in their respective provinces / regions. Peshawar district witnessed the highest number of militant attacks in the entire country. Militant activities have also increased in Kurram agency of FATA.

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