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13-03-2014: A relatively Peaceful Day

DSR 13-3-14The day was comparatively peaceful as only four violent activities related to anti-state conflicts were reported across the country in which one person was killed, 6 others injured while 52 were arrested. Militants carried out three activities and the only killing of the day as well as all 6 injuries were attributed to militant activities. Security forces arrested 52 suspected militants/ criminals in their only activity of the day reported from Karachi.

Out of given 3 militant activities of the day, 2 were carried out in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) – with one each in Khyber Agency and Kurram Agency –  while one was reported from Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).  Militants used IED in their activity in Khyber Agency, while opted for physical assault both in Kurram Agency as well as in Charssada (KP). Thus in terms of militant activities, affected districts were Charassada, Kurram Agency, and Khyber Agency while Karachi saw a security forces action against suspected militants.

Graph of militant activities suggests that number of militant activities are constantly showing negative trend for the last 4 days. Similarly, deaths among militants as well as civilians have also come down while there was no casualty for security forces personnel throughout the day.

Now the government has formulated a new negotiation committee and has decided to enter into direct talks, it is not clear whether TTP will also decide to opt for direct talks or will continue with existing arrangements of indirect talks. In the meanwhile, anti-talks forces once again resorted to “wait and see” policy and evaluate their options once mode and direction of the peace talks set in.

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