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Daily Security Overview 12 March 2014

DSR graph 12-3-14During the day, total 7 violent incidents were reported in which 22 people were killed, 26 others injured while 4 people have been arrested. Among the said incidents, there were 6 militant activities in which 22 people were killed and 26 others injured. In only activity of the day, security forces arrested 4 suspected militants. Out of these 6 militants’ activities, 3 were carried out in FATA, 2 in Baluchstan and 1 in Sindh. Militants opted to use IEDs in two activities, 2 were targeted killings while 2 were intra-militants clashes.

Following a short pause in FATA, militants have started their activities as 3 activities were reported from this region (FATA). Out of these three militant activities in FATA, one was a clash between two groups of militants in Miran Shah area of North Waziristan Agency in which 4 people were killed including 3 militants. Other 2 militants’ activities were recorded from Jamrod area of Khyber Agency wherein militants blow up school gate using IED while in second incident a student of 10th class was killed by the firing of unidentified militant.

Weekly graph of militant activities indicates that the day witnessed highest number of deaths among militants against none for the last 6 days and this highest number has also resulted from an intra-militant clash in Karachi. Number of total militant activities almost have the same pattern as has been witnessed for the last 4 days. Civilian deaths due to these militant activities have increasingly gone up while death of security forces personnel have come down to naught as compared to 2 the previous day.

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