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Two power centers emerging within TTP: WSR of CMC

WSR- 9-15 march 2014

By Guldad

Excerpts from CMC’s Weekly Security Report

After ceasefire and peace talks, the division within TTP is becoming more visible. Statements and activities of the militants as well as information coming from different parts of the conflict zone suggest that two power centers are emerging within the TTP. North Waziristan Agency (NWA) was the headquarters of the TTP after it was expelled from South Waziristan in a military operation in 2009. However, after elimination of Hakeemullah Mehsud in a drone strike in November last year, Molvi Fazlullah of Swat was appointed Emir of TTP. Fazlullah hails from Swat. After becoming Emir he could visit NWA only once for a brief period and went back to his hideout in Kuner Province. CMC’s sources believe he is operating from a remote area on the border of Nuristan and Kuner provinces adjacent to Chitral district of Pakistan’s KP province. 


According to an analysis of web portals, blogs and online forums of TTP and its affiliates and information gathered from the field it is most likely that the militants will use some more names like Ahrarul Hind to mislead general public and government. Ahrarul Hind and Ansarul Mujahideen have already emerged by claiming responsibilities of some attacks. Possible new names will be


During the week, although some positive developments have been witnessed with regards to formally starting Government-TTP talks such as government’s decision to enter into direct talks with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, formation of new more “powerful” committee to represent the government, visit to North Waziristan of members of the Taliban committee, Taliban’s agreement to directly negotiate with the Government’s committee, etc.; however, bomb blasts in Quetta and Peshawar have put a big question mark on success of these dialogues 

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