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Pakistan Day Passes without any Death in Militancy: Daily Brief

23-3-14 dsrThe day continued with the pattern of comparative calmness as only four total violent incidents related to anti-state activities were reported in which no casualty was reported but two persons were reportedly injured. Out of these four incidents, three incidents were associated to militants, in which two people were injured and four persons were kidnapped. In an only activity of the security forces, 16 most wanted persons were arrested.

Incident of kidnapping occurred in tehsil Jamrud of Khyber Agency, while firing incident were reported from Lahore and Shadadkot (Sindh). Thus, militant activities were spread across three provinces/ regions, namely Sindh, Khyber Agency and Punjab with one incident each in these provinces. At the time when other areas of FATA are comparatively calm since the announcement of ceasefire by the TTP, Khyber Agency continues to figure out in militant activities. This indicates that this particular region is emerging as the stronghold of anti-talks forces. With its closeness with settled area of KP, violent militant activities are infiltrated in Peshawar and adjacent areas.

Weekly trend graph shows almost consistent pattern of militant attacks during last five days while number of deaths, mostly of the civilians, continued to fluctuate.  Deaths among security forces witnessed a cyclic trend where deaths of militants have almost come to the halt as no militants’ death was reported in the last seven days.

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