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Militants looking for new bases after NWA


During the week, militant activities and resultant deaths marginally increased as compared to previous week but overall security situation remained under control. In 24 militant activities 24 people were killed and 14 others injured. Prominent of the militant activities was attack on a police station in a district of Gilgit-Baltistan and getting prisoners released. The incident suggests increasing focus of the militants to find new basis in otherwise uncharted lands. Targeting police across Pakistan has emerged as special tactics.
Security forces continued their operation in North Waziristan
in addition to continuing their hunt for militants across Pakistan especially in major towns and citifies.  There are all signs that security forces operation had seriouslyseriously dented militants as the operation has been undergoing in their strongest basis where whole of the militancy infrastructure was present.

So far, Pakistan failed to seek required cooperation from Afghanistan as well as US forces to restrict to and fro movement of the militants on the border and carrying out attacks on Pakistani forces. The latest drone strike suggest that the US still sees skeptically Pakistan’s assurances that it will target militants indiscriminately. 
The passage of Protection of Pakistan Bill has provided security forces much needed legal ground to effectively carry out counter militancy initiatives. Will security forces be able to make “judicious” utilization of this legislation will be tested during the life of the legislation spanning two years.

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