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We will keep you updated !

Promotional BannerTo keep our think tank nonpartisan, neutral and independent of donor’s influence we have been charging nominal fee for our periodical reports to sustain our routine operations. Subscribing to our reports will not only provide you high quality security assessment reports but it will be a contribution to our efforts to bring inside reports on armed conflicts in the region.

We are pleased to announce a special discount for up to 50% on our security assessment reports. Since it is a limited time offer, you may prefer to avail it now allowing you to get this discount for whole one year.

We are an Islamabad-based think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) conducting research on various security issues in addition to providing customized security assessments not only to business community but also to international organizations and diplomatic community. Our valuable subscribers have always rated PICSS security assessment reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) quite helpful in understanding security dynamics of the country. (The Conflict Monitoring Center {CMC} is now part of PICSS as its statistical division).

As you will acknowledge that ever-changing security and law & order situation in Pakistan not only impacts local population but also officials of international organizations/ embassies, therefore, an objective assessment of such security dynamics is highly warranted. Your organization/office can also take advantage of such expertise developed by PICSS. This think tank is headed by Senator(r) Akram Zaki, who remained Secretary General and Former Ambassador to USA, China, Nigeria and the Philippines.

PICSS prime focus is on anti-state armed conflicts and we record almost every violent incident related to terrorism and militancy in the country. We use multiple sources to compile our reports including our own correspondents in conflict zones, mainstream media, security forces and all other stake holders. Our reports are based on our chronologically recorded database and systematic database is available with us. Our discounted contribution fees chart is as under

Report Title/ Type Routine Fee PKR/month Discounted Fee PKR/months Discount%
Daily Security Brief 20000 10000 50%
Weekly Security Assessment Report 12000 7000 42%
Monthly Security Assessment Report 8000 5000 38%
Quarterly Security Assessment Report 10000/quarter 5000/quarter 50%
Complete Bundle (Daily +Weekly +Monthly ) Rs. 20000/Month Only 50%


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