Drone Strikes Table 2014

                    Drone Strikes in Pakistan in 2014 Casuality Min Casualties Max Sr.No Date Agency Locality Target Group Killed Injured Killed2 Injured3 Name of dead source Source2 1 11-Jun-14 NWA Tabi Tore Khel V+H HqN 4 0 4 0 1. Senior commander Haji Gul (Afghan National). 2. Commander Yaseen Gardaizi (Afghan National) 3. Commander Abdullah Khan (Afghan National) 4. Commander Jamil (Afghan National) 5. Commander Saif El Jihad (None Pashtune Pakistani) 6. Commander Roohullah (None Pashtune Pakistani) 7. Hamza Gul (from Quetta Pakistan) 8. Hamza

2013: Drone strikes in Pakistan to all time low since 2007

  Islamabad:   According to data released by the Conflict Monitoring Center, a remarkable decline in drone strikes in Pakistan has been observed during the year 2013. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has carried out 27 drone strikes in Pakistan during the year, which are lowest in numbers since 2007. Drone strikes killed

2011: Drone Attacks Remained Ineffective against Militant Leaders

According to the Conflict Monitoring Center's annual report on drone attacks American Spy Agency CIA has failed to eliminate more than four Al-Qaeda leaders in its highly costly and controversial 'assassination by drones' campaign inside Pakistan during the year 2011. It had carried out 75 drone attacks inside Pakistani territory

2010, The Year of Assassination by Drones

The Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC), an independent research center focusing on anti-state militancy and related activities in South Asia, has prepared an annual report(2010) on drone attacks inside Pakistani territory. The report is based on the data collected from mainstream national and international media, e.g. CNN, NY Times, Al-Jazeera, Daily