Negative indicators in Balochistan: DSR March 28, 2014

  The day witnessed five incidents related to anti-state violence and counter actions in which one person was killed and another was injured while two suspects were arrested. Out of these five incidents, there were three militant activities all reported from Balochistan. In Dhadar area of Baluchistan, armed militants attacked NATO

Question mark on the fate of foreign fighters: DSR March 26, 2014

Pakistan has witnessed another relatively calm and peaceful day as only one violent militant incident and three security forces actions against militants were reported during the day. The only militant activity was monitored in Kohlu district of Baluchistan where militants blew up three electric towers, which suspended the supply of

Pakistan Day Passes without any Death in Militancy: Daily Brief

The day continued with the pattern of comparative calmness as only four total violent incidents related to anti-state activities were reported in which no casualty was reported but two persons were reportedly injured. Out of these four incidents, three incidents were associated to militants, in which two people were injured

Daily Security Overview 20 March 2014

During the day, total four incidents related to anti-state violence were reported in which three persons were killed and two others were injured. All the deaths and injuries of the day were associated with three militant activities, two in Sindh and one in Peshawar. The said two activities in Sindh

Daily Security Overview 19 March 2014

During the day, six activities related to anti-state violence were reported in which six people were killed and eight others were injured. Security forces carried out two operations in which 194 persons were arrested while three violent militant activities were reported. Out of three militant activities, two were reported in

Daily Security Overview 12 March 2014

During the day, total 7 violent incidents were reported in which 22 people were killed, 26 others injured while 4 people have been arrested. Among the said incidents, there were 6 militant activities in which 22 people were killed and 26 others injured. In only activity of the day, security

Question Mark on TTP’s authority over local commanders/splinter groups

By Gul Dad During the day, 5 violent activities related to anti-state armed conflicts were reported in which 25 people were killed and 87 others injured. All the casualties and injuries were caused by four militant activities as there was only one security forces action reported during the day in which

13-03-2014: A relatively Peaceful Day

The day was comparatively peaceful as only four violent activities related to anti-state conflicts were reported across the country in which one person was killed, 6 others injured while 52 were arrested. Militants carried out three activities and the only killing of the day as well as all 6 injuries