Efforts at reviving militancy

Security situation in the country is getting complicated with every passing day. During the week, 59 people were killed and 71 others injured in 53 militant activities out of which 21 were recorded alone in KP suggesting that good days in province are yet to come. On the other hand,

Militants continue to snooze. Weekly Review

During the week under review, number of incidents have gone substantially up as compared to previous week but resultant deaths and injuries were comparatively lower. In 33 militant activities of the week, 27 people were killed and 32 others were injured. More number of incidents with comparatively lessor impact suggest

Militants looking for new bases after NWA

During the week, militant activities and resultant deaths marginally increased as compared to previous week but overall security situation remained under control. In 24 militant activities 24 people were killed and 14 others injured. Prominent of the militant activities was attack on a police station in a district of Gilgit-Baltistan

Surge in Militant Attacks: Weekly Security Report

During the week under review (6-12 April, 2014), security situation in the country has deteriorated and an increased number of militant activities as well as security forces actions were noticed. Prominent militant activities of the week include Jaffar Express (train) blast in Sibi, Vegetable market attack in Islamabad, low intensity

Two power centers emerging within TTP: WSR of CMC

By Guldad Excerpts from CMC's Weekly Security Report After ceasefire and peace talks, the division within TTP is becoming more visible. Statements and activities of the militants as well as information coming from different parts of the conflict zone suggest that two power centers are emerging within the TTP. North Waziristan Agency

Remarkable Decline in Militant Attacks after Ceasefire


Islamabad: During the week (from 2 March to 8 March 2014), security situation has significantly improved as compared to previous week. Overall number of incidents related to anti-state violence dropped from 65 to 42. Decline in violent incidents was primarily due to a remarkable reduction in militant attacks after announcement of