Daily Situation Report:

It will provide a comprehensive picture of the day. It will show number of militant attacks, security forces actions, number of killed and injured along with affected provinces and names  of affected districts of respective provinces. The DSR also highlights weekly and monthly trend of anti-state violence including all types of fatalities. The specimen attached will amply speak for the details that will be available to potential users. The report will also include descriptive overview of important events of the day directly or indirectly concerned with conflict and security.


Weekly Security Report:

Our WSR will help in understanding the complete picture of the week backed up by authentic statistical data covering the entire country. Our experts also analyze statistical patterns from perspective of non-violent political and other developments during the week.


Monthly Security Report:

Our Monthly Security Report includes complete statistics of militant attacks and security forces actions against militants. Province and region wise details of violence are presented in tables and graphs along with analysis of the data. It will also provide comparison with preceding months of the year. Impacts of political and other related developments on pattern of violence are also incorporated in the MSRs.

Annual Security Report:

Our ASR will help you grasp in-depth details of the anti-state violence and governmental response. It provides holistic picture of the country and highlight the impact of major developments on overall security situation in the country. For instance our ASR 2013 shows a consistent decline in deaths in anti-sate and related violence after government started to engage militants through peace talks in September last year.

Why our reports?

We are not just media monitors. We have our own sources in the effected zones that provide us exclusive information about the situation on the ground. Our analysts are backed by our field reporters and sources in the effected zones to provide a real picture of the situation.

 Is it a commercial activity?

It is not a commercial activity; however, we charge some contribution fee for these reports just to cover costs of our data collection operations and complement to some extend our efforts in the fields of conflict and security studies.

Contribution Charges are as under

Daily Security Report:

  • US$ 200/month 

Weekly Security Report (four reports per month)

  • US$ 120/Month

Monthly Security Report:

  • $80/month